Our business is to record motion dynamics, analyse data and predict future evolutions

Our 30 years experience in sensor dynamics and imaging and in ...
the accurate sampling of the smallest variations possible ...
the mathematical model to better understand the data ...
the fast setup of a high quality improvement program and ...
the continuous feedback and validation of the improvements

WE ARE Your Partner


We record any dynamics, being motion in any form, digitally, since 1985! We recreate the circumstances to visualize the behaviour with you. We repeat these actions to obtain the best most clear final representation.


While analysing the dynamics, we make a mathematical model to validate and better understand the data. So we learn step by step together with you where to look for and what to do next. We focus like with a magnifying glass, with Matlab since 1987!


Our aim is always to deliver a true and for you good measurable end result. For us this is just a first step, our aim is always to reach perfection.


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Graduated MSc at TU Delft Electrical Engineering / Control Engineering/ Vehicle Dynamics Engineering (1991). R&D and General Manager at Philips Electronics until 1999. Setup new company in 1999, in real-time data systems. Main experience general analytics and dynamical behaviour of systems, now motion kinetics in top sport since 2010. Married, 3 children. Languages: NL,F,I,UK,D. Skills&Abilities: Broad technical knowledge, enthusiastic, quick understanding of problems, problem solver, out-of-the-box thinker, inspire and motivate, team builder.



In any metrology area, being complex mechanical devices, biomechanics in sports, racing dynamics, aerodynamics, business dynamics, ... we speak your language and adapt extremily fast and easy to your world, to become integral part of it.

Strong Analytics

It's about helicopter view, easy communicating with all different disciplines, not only technical disciplines, but also between departments. Bringing the challenge in a cloud hanging above all, make everybody see it from a different angle, make it better understandable and tangible. The communication between disciplines improves strongly.


Customers repeatedly tell results with us come 3 (π) times faster. We use a different approach, our iterations are faster and do converge sharper to an optimal end result. And finally you improve, we just help in this process.



We travel as a team around the world. You can always reach us with your challinging questions. Our main business address remains:


Heiereind 1, 5561BB Riethoven, The Netherlands